1-320-200-9684 info@overflowworship.com | October 12-13, 2018 at Living Hope in Willmar, MN

Join us for the Overflow Worship Conference on October 12-13, 2018  in Willmar, MN! This conference is for worship leaders and whole worship teams, created to resource the local church with everything that they need to be effective in their ministry. Our focus is on small and medium sized churches and the unique challenges that they face. Join us for a weekend of encouragement and growth with worship leaders from all over the midwest!


The Overflow Worship Conference is such an incredible weekend of getting to worship
and grow together. I loved getting to pour into other worship leaders. One of my favorite
part of last year was the fellowship after the sessions and in between the sessions. I
enjoyed getting to know the different worship leaders, getting to know their journeys and
their stories. Getting to encourage them and be a part of trying to help build them up in
the work that God’s put before them to do. One of the best parts of this conference is
the community that you find there.
Shelly E. Johnson, Worship Artist, Songwriter and 2014-2015 Overflow speaker
and worship leader

You learn so much at this conference. It’s just an awesome place for people to come
together to enrich each other, build each other up. There’s great times of worship and its
just a real intimate setting to get to know everybody. I would encourage you to come
out this year. It’s something that you’re definitely not going to regret!
Allan Scott, Worship Artist, Songwriter, Founder of Found and Favored Ministries
and 2014 Overflow speaker and worship leader

If you weren’t there last year, you missed a great conference! You don’t want to miss
this year! The one thing that I have learned being a worship pastor, at Gateway Church
in Dallas, is that it’s important that we equip ourselves. That we gather the information
and that we also learn from others. That’s what this conference is all about. Come this
year for an incredible time!
Mark Harris, Worship Pastor at Gateway Church in Dallas, TX, 2014-2015 Overflow speaker and worship

The conference was really encouraging. I’ve been feeling a little directionless with the
worship leading lately, and it was very refreshing to just be with others who are trying to
go in a good direction. There were so many wonderful resources that were provided at
this year’s conference. Thank you! It was such a blessing!
2014 Overflow Attendee

I had the pleasure of attending the Overflow Worship Conference! I learned so much
and was revived and refilled!
2015 Overflow Attendee