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Meredith Andrews and her husband Jacob Sooter had been thinking and praying about a move to Nashville for some time. Decision made and boxes packed, the couple found themselves not only entering the state of Tennessee, but a state of turmoil and brokenness as well. Their road to new opportunities and experiences quickly became fractured paths through low valleys, where a new level of trust in each other and a gracious God would eventually be discovered. It is from the difficult season Meredith has recently journeyed through that birthed new songs found on her album, Deeper.

Even before the boxes were completely unpacked, more things quickly stacked up. “The transition from Chicago to Nashville was more than challenging,” Meredith admits. “At that time I was pregnant with my third child. That compounded with stress and over commitment left us overwhelmed. Jacob and I found ourselves in a dark place in our marriage. We had some really hard days and a lot of questions. There were moments when I wanted out and he did too.”

In the midst of heartache, Meredith leaned on her community for help. But it was her friend and mentor Susie Larson who would speak truth and promises into her life long before the path of refinement even began.

“Susie spoke into my life about a year before I moved to Nashville. She said, ‘Meredith, I’ve been praying for you and I feel like the Lord is telling me that you’re about to walk into the hardest season of your marriage. God is going to take you to these underground places and there you will find him to be the perfect Father and more faithful than you’ve ever known him to be. You’re going to know his presence like you’ve never known it before. He’s going to take Jacob on a journey as well, and when the two of you come out on the other side, you’re going to be more unified than you’ve ever been.”

God’s promise to Meredith began to come alive during those bleak days, allowing her to cling to hope when hope seemed, at times, to elude her.

And slowly, that hope grew.

Married now for six years, working together on a record in the midst of intense brokenness may seem, at best, overwhelming and daunting, but for this couple, it provided a welcome path towards healing. Jacob co-produced the album with Jason Ingram, Paul Mabury and Seth Mosley, and he co-wrote many of the songs with Meredith and others in their artistic community.

“I’m praying that God will use this album to bring freedom,” she says. “I envision people hearing these songs for the first time in their rooms and being overwhelmed by the presence of God and by the healing and hope found there, because the only place we’re going to find true restoration is in the presence of God. Releasing our fear, surrendering and saying, ‘God I trust You. At the core of my being I trust You. Even though it goes against everything I feel and see and what everyone around me tells me, I trust You. Because You are trustworthy.’”