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 2018 Breakout and VIP Sessions!

VIP Experience – Friday – 3:00-5:00PM:

  • Take your Worship Team to the Next Level (Presenter: Vocal Coach Sheri Gould)

In this 2 hour session geared towards all worship team vocalists, we’ll take a look at some of the things that impede progress for a typical worship team and give you some tips on how to overcome them. I’ll show you some ways to improve your rehearsal strategies, tighten up your vocals and get a better blend, grow your ability to work together as a group and provide a better overall worship experience for you and your congregation.

  • I like the SOUND of that! (Presenter: WorshipMD creator Doug Gould)

This hands-on 2-hour session is for techs and nontechies alike! From setting up a sound system to creating the mix, whether you’re a sound tech, pastor, youth leader, worship leader or even a non-technical tech, this basic overview of how a sound system operates will be tremendously helpful for novice and experienced. Many churches have volunteers who are responsible for their technical systems but have never had an opportunity to be trained on the practical aspects of getting good sound. This class will provide you with excellent information and enhance your skills no matter what your background or level of experience.

Saturday Breakout Sessions: (Full Weekend Schedule Overview can be found here)

  • 10:00AM Options:
    • Intro to ProPresenter (Presenter: Mike Graff of Coresound Pads)
    • A Conversation with David Leonard (Presenter: David Leonard)
    • The Heart of True Worship: Bringing Generations Together in Worship (Presenter: Shelly E. Johnson)
    • The Heartbeat of Spirit Lead Worship (Presenter: Andrea Olson)
    • Your Best Voice for a Lifetime (Presenter: Vocal Coach Sheri Gould)
    • From Pianist to Keyboard Player – Making the Transition (Presenter: David Lanning)
    • You Want me to Do What Now? (Presenter: Andy Swanson)
    • All the Extras (All about auxiliary percussion, click and gear) – for the Drummer (Presenter: Paul Vasilko and Ryan Zimmer)
  • 1:30PM Options:
    • A Conversation with David Leonard (Presenter: David Leonard)
    • Planning Center Services for Beginners (Presenter: Aaron Stewart, founder of Planning Center)
    • The 3 part Magic Bullet for Your Voice (Presenter: Vocal Coach Sheri Gould)
    • Roles in the Band – Creating Harmony in More Ways than One (Presenter: David Lanning)
    • The Four Essential Grooves for Drummers (Presenter: Paul Vasilko)
    • Common Complaints and How to Help (Presenter: Andy Swanson)
    • Wielding Your Axe (for Electric, Acoustic and Bass Guitars)  (Presenter: Ryan Zimmer)
    • Lyrics, Visuals, and ProPresenter, Oh My! (Presenter: TBA)
  • 2:45PM Options:
    • 10 Little Things You Can Do to Improve Your Worship Service this Weekend (Presenter: Vertical Worship)
    • The Heart of True Worship: Bringing Generations Together in Worship (Presenter: Shelly E. Johnson)
    • Energy Levels – The Building Blocks of Modern Worship Drumming (Presenter: Paul Vasilko)
    • Creating a Sound (Arranging for the whole band) (Presenter: Ryan Zimmer)
    • Making the Most of Planning Center Services (Presenter: Aaron Stewart, founder of Planning Center)
    • The 10 Best Exercises For Worship Leaders (Presenter: Vocal Coach Sheri Gould)
    • Intro to Pads and Multitracks (Presenter: Mike Graff of Coresound Pads)

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Tech Track:

An Overflow first! The Tech Track offers 6 breakout sessions throughout Saturday just for Sound Techs (and even some for the lighting crew). You have asked for more in this area every year, so we are bringing it to you!

  • Hands-on Digital Board Mixing Clinic (Presenter: Ben Stowe) – our most requested option, delivered!
  • 20 Steps to Better Sound (Presenter: WorshipMD creator Doug Gould)
  • Modern Audio Solutions (Presenter: WorshipMD creator Doug Gould)
  • Mixing Monitors for Stage and House (Presenter: WorshipMD creator Doug Gould)
  • Light It Up: Illuminating the mysteries of stage lighting (Presenter: Ben Stowe)
  • When the Video is Late to the Party (Presenter: Ben Stowe)

FAQ on the Tech Track

  • Do I have to attend all 6 sessions if I’m a sound tech?
    • No! You can choose to attend any sessions you would like to! We just wanted to make more options available for the sound crew.  The only option you need to pre-sign up for is the VIP Experience session on Friday, which we would highly recommend!
  • Will I miss Main Sessions if I attend all 6 Tech Track breakouts?
    • Yes, there will be overlap with Main Sessions in order to get everything into 1 day!  But, since you don’t have to pre-sign up for Saturday’s sessions, you can pick and choose on the fly!
  • Do I have to be a sound tech to attend the Tech Track sessions?
    • Absolutely not!  These are much like regular breakout sessions – we are simply highlighting them because we are SO excited!
  • More Questions? Email us at info@overflowworship.com or call us at 320-200-9684

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